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The FCIC’s mission is to:

The FCIC’s mission is to:

• Help individual born with a cleft to achieve their innate potential enabling them to both integrate and contribute to the society in which they live. This may require not only medical but educational and psychological support.
• Use international and local expertise working in collaboration to establish and support interdisciplinary teams for the treatment of cleft lip, palate and craniofacial anomalies.
• Concentrate on the provision of non-surgical cleft care, including speech and hearing, dental and orthodontic treatment within Cambodia. This is regardless of the patient’s race, religion, and gender, or of which organisation provided the primary surgery.
• Undertake training and support for local Khmer personnel, and long term “in country” foreign allied health professionals involved in cleft care. Currently this is focused around the cleft services in the National Paediatric Hospital Phnom Penh.

The FCICambodia Values are: efficiency, quality, respect, mutuality, empowerment and sustainability.

Friends of Clefts in Cambodia are an international community of people from all over the world whose aim is to improve the lives of all individuals affected by oro-facial clefts in Cambodia. This will be provided regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation. We are committed to building up the effectiveness of local expertise in the provision of interdisciplinary cleft care as well as promoting sustainable healthy living and improving the quality of life of those we seek to help.
Friends of Clefts in Cambodia appreciate that primary surgical treatment alone for patients with oro-facial clefts does not complete the journey to full recovery and integration within their communities and families. Additional co-ordinated surgical and non-surgical treatments and care provided by interdisciplinary cleft teams are essential to complete this journey.
All the funds are to be used for the work as described.

The interdisciplinary teams will include, but not limited to:
1. Speech Language Therapy Team
2. Audiology Team
3. Dental Team
4. Orthodontic Team
5. Maxillofacial Surgical Team
6. Plastic Surgical Team
7. Psycho-social Team
8. Genetics Team
9. Paediatric/Medical Team
10. Nursing Team

June 2017